Jo and Bellatrix outside their home in False Creek.

Jordana “Jo” Lopez has always had a passion for animals, and always knew she would end up working with them. From a very young age Jo worked with horses, competing in equestrian events until the age of 18. In her early 20’s Jo worked on a ranch in San Diego, training green horses and guiding trail rides. Although her focus was on horses, Jo has always loved all animals, and has done various work experience at vets and shelters. Jo’s father, who ran a dog shelter in NSW Australia, had taught her a lot about dog behaviour and training which laid the foundation of her dog training career.

While living in Burbank, CA, Jo adopted her Border Collie X Rottweiler, Bellatrix. It didn’t take long for Jo to realise that her training talents were far better suited to dogs than horses, and made it her goal to become a professional dog trainer upon her move to Vancouver. Jo has been working full-time as a dog trainer in Vancouver for the past 4 years. Gaining knowledge from hands-on experience and learning from other trainers, Jo¬†has a large success rate in basic obedience and behavioural training. Jo stays up to date with all the latest methods, toys and training tools, and uses only proven, reward-based techniques. Jo is also interested in animal massage and holistic healing. She is Level 2 Reiki certified, and has attended workshops on T-Touch Companion Animal massage techniques.

With a strong belief that training is about building a relationship and should be fun for all, Jo has developed many games and interactive activities that help create a stronger bond between dog and handler. Jo’s training sessions are rewarding for all involved, with lots of smiles, laughter and love. More information on Jo’s methods can be found here.

Jo and Bellatrix learning a new skill

Jo is also an agility addict, and is actively working towards her dream of one day joining an agility world team! Jo and Bellatrix have recently earned their first agility title, and there will be many more to follow! Jo is a proud member of Paws Squad Canine Sport Club and spends most of her weekends competing at local agility trials. On occasion, you may find Jo and Bellatrix in Hope, learning how to herd sheep.

When she’s not training dogs, competing or herding sheep, Jo can be found painting! Jo creates custom pet portraits, original paintings and handmade greeting cards, which are available on Etsy.